World Changers celebrate successful Cleanup in Ota

 World Changers celebrate successful Cleanup in Ota

Volunteers, Excited members of World Changers Movement after a successful Cleanup

For residents of Temidire in Sango Ota on April 3, 2021 it was light dawning on the area as World Changers Movement, the youth arm of Tola Olukilede Ministries International, in partnership with Samclean embarked on a cleanup exercise in Temidire area of Sango Ota in Ogun state. 

Speaking to Heal the World Newsdesk, the lead impact officer, Segun Joseph said the cleanup exercise was a success following the considerable turnout of youths both from the host organization, Tola Olukilede Ministries and other similar-interest based organizations.

Information gathered from the executive members of the World Changers revealed that the cleanup exercise was precisely targeted at evacuating refuse heap in a prime area in Temidire of Sango Ota. The refuse heap which has been there for as long as we can gather has constituted nuisance as a result of residents consistent dumping of trash there, this then prompted World changers to bring sanity back to this area.

Speaking to this effect, Joseph pointed that having a cleanup exercise in Temidire is a long awaited project as it has become issue of discourse over time within the Ota province and all across the nation.

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He added.

“Cleanliness and healthy hygiene has been a major subject matter in our society, most especially in this season where talk of COVID19 is everywhere. So we came up with this clean up just to add value to the community by sensitizing them on how cleaning can add to the betterment of the society and also doing the talk. You know the world changers core value is mainly to be a change agent by first changing ourselves before changing the world and also by adding value to the society at large.”

Team of Volunteers bagging the evacuated trashes
Team of Volunteers bagging the evacuated trashes

While getting a similar reaction from Samuel Adebayo, the convener of Samclean cleanup projects on his involvement with World Changers on this cleanup exercise, he said;

“It was really a privilege because I have learnt about partnership and I have come to know that you need people to achieve a Goal and Purpose, so I was Honoured when called upon by world changers to organize a cleanup with them”

Scoring the cleanup exercise, Adebayo said he would rate the exercise, 70% on a scale of 100. To this effect he added.

Samuel Adebayo (Samclean) pushing shovel through heap of refuse
Samuel Adebayo (Samclean) pushing shovel through a heap of refuse

“It one of the Cleanup Projects that I can never forget, because we did alot of work. The volunteers were willing to work and make sure the place was clean.”

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Relating the COVID19 global pandemic to general cleanup, Adebayo said;

“To me, covid-19 didn’t affect any cleanup exercise, as far all the covid-19 precautions were adhered to. It’s just the fear of the virus that is not making people come out for cleanup like they’ve done in recent time.”

At the end of the cleanup we were able to gather that residents of Temidire received this good gesture with great joy, seeing value added to their community.

Volunteers, Excited members of World Changers Movement after a successful Cleanup
Volunteers, Excited members of World Changers Movement after a successful Cleanup
Trahes being loaded into trash truck
Trash bags being loaded into gabbage truck

The Deputy Coordinator of World Changers Movement, Joshua Akinsola as well acknowledged the impressible effort of his members having added that the cleanup was quite tasking but yet successful. He added that the next exercise will feature the use of more mechanized equipments which will aid total and quicker refuse evacuation.

Such community impact as this from the World Changers Movement is not the first of its kind. It will be worthy of note to mention here that WCM has also embarked on Community skill acquisition exercises, Community sensitization and many more outreaches to the community through her umbrella organization, Heal the World Movement.

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