Woman gets offerings collected at Tola Olukilede Ministries Convention

 Woman gets offerings collected at Tola Olukilede Ministries Convention

Mama jumped for joy and danced having shared her testimony

It was a mix of excitement and great feeling of awe as a centenarian, a 120-year-old grandmother gets all the offerings collected on day three of Tola Olukilede Ministries International annual Convention 2021.

Great grandma Odejobi Abeke is mother to Sowumi Olujimi Ayoka, a middle aged woman who has been a long time member of both Heal the World Movement and Tola Olukilede Ministries International.

She once testified about her incessant struggle to bring her mother, a 120-year-old woman and traditional worshipper to the knowledge of Christ but all to no avail. In a show of love to her mother, she will bring food supplies given to her at Heal the World Movement to her mother who collects and eats them each time she brings it.

She recounted in her story to Heal the World Newsdesk today while testifying at Tola Olukilede Ministries Convention of how she would mention to her mother’s hearing that the food she is eating is Jesus’s food and that if she takes it she should remember where it is coming from. She does this often to feed her and primarily to draw her to knowing Christ which has been a long time struggle with her rooted idolist mother.

Before now, Mrs Ayoka before has testified during a monthly meeting of Tola Olukilede Ministries international monthly meeting of how she had incessantly mentioned one of the lines of the visioner of Tola Olukilede Ministries International, Dr Tola Olukilede that I am too much for the devil to handle and so she did plugged in and do say this at every slight encounter with any negative occurrence.

Odejobi Abeke, her mother who has been a beneficiary of the food supplies she brings would sit her down and explain why she can’t accept her faith, mentioning to her that she knows that she is a leader of a traditional worshippers clan. However she soon had an encounter with the lord stating that she had an encounter with Jesus.

She said it in Yoruba but now translated to English. 

I saw Jesus, he appeared to me.

Mama sharing her testimony during Tola Olukilede Ministries annual Convention
Mama sharing her testimony during Tola Olukilede Ministries annual Convention

Soon and much later she requested that her daughter scrape off the hair which has been on her head as a sign of loyalty to her membership to the idolist clan she heads. Her daughter who was terrified by this said she hasn’t gone for a cut for as long as she has known her mother and again, the fact that a certain idolistic symbol is connected to the hair on her head gave her fright.

In fact Mrs Ayoka who wouldn’t believe her mother said during the third day of the annual Ministry Convention that she called on church leaders and pastors to come to her help. After consultation with them, she had the courage to scrape off the hair and that was the beginning of her experience with the lord.

Mama who has been having challenges walking but soon got down from the altar where she initially stood with her daughter while testifying to the goodness of God and soon broke into songs of praises thanking and giving praises to God.

It was a great testimony for every congregants of Tola Olukilede Ministries as the saying that;

I am too much for the devil to handle and has again delivered on its promise.

Speaking on this awesome testimony of God’s faithfulness on his word, Dr. Tola Olukilede announced to congregants that God cannot withdraw on this word.

“Since we have been declaring the minimum age we will live to be 120-years-old a lot of people did not believe. But today we have a living proof of God’s faithfulness and this in its own guarantees God’s promises concerning our lives”.

Having said this the President of Heal the World Movement added again.

“As a way of connecting to this thing that God has done, we will be giving Mama all the offerings we will be collecting today to her.”

Mama, who was so excited danced back to her seat at the yoruba interpretation section of the auditorium where her other yoruba speakers where waiting, already cheering her up.

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