What can I give towards your Charitable causes?

 What can I give towards your Charitable causes?

This has been a recurring question which never stops getting to us each time we are privileged to be in contact with people whose heart is melt towards giving to the needy in our society. Giving to our charitable courses actually knows no bound provided the items and substance to be given are in good order.

As a movement saddled with the responsibility to provide succor to the orphans, widow and indigent children, the ways by which we communicate our philanthropic gestures are mostly via giving and we give and receive the following;

  1. Clothes

We always seek to receive from the public clothes which are in good condition. That it is an item to the less-privileged shouldn’t make it unpresentable. We believe our offerings should be as good as a new one, hence we request for neatly packed cloth which might not be new but in the class of a new one.


2. Food to the hungry and poor

We accept non-perishable foods. Foods in this item involve staple foods like garri, rice, etc


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3. Time

As simple as it may seem, we seriously need committed volunteers who will take up the goodwill of this organization to another level via using their time and expertise in solving our charitable-based challenges. We encourage you to make an inquiry about this in the contact section of this website to get more details.


4. Love

Love cheerfully. It is just as simple as that.


5. Money

Here we are calling for your financial support. In achieving this we have opened several options to suit your giving;

  • Diamond sponsorship – $278 USD equivalent of #100,000 NGN and above per year
  • Gold sponsorship – $139 USD equivalent of # 50,000 NGN and above per year
  • Silver sponsorship – $70 USD equivalent of #25,000 NGN per year
  • Bronze – #25,000 per year


6. Scholarship

As a movement, we are proud to have hundreds of students who are on our scholarship list. Most of these privileged beneficiaries never fail to get the movement’s support where other needs are also concerned. With the help of our numerous sponsors we have been able to achieve this year in, year out and to a good extent, we have achieved good success in this so far. See items 5 above to know more of what our sponsorship support looks like


We will be glad to receive your inquiries via our phone lines: 08076063258, 08060926336 or email, info@healtheworldmovementng.com


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