Valentine’s day: Moment to touch lives, show love

 Valentine’s day: Moment to touch lives, show love

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February 14th is known worldwide to be that time of the year when lovers and friends touch the life of others via the show of love and gift exchange.

It is Valentine ’s Day, a day renown for a good friend’s gesture of saving relationships from falling apart. But the thought of how to show the same love to the less privileged member of our society seems to be a discussion that needs to be aired.

Showing love to a friend, a wife or even a less privileged could be as simple as buying a meal for someone who is hungry, clothing the naked or even helping someone achieve progress on a project. It still could better be, relieving a sick patient from the sick bed (such that Heal the World Movement does) or even paying the tuition fees of an indigent fellow who needs to have a polished future. Showing love might even go beyond all these. It could also be so simple and be as definite as giving a thirsty fellow a cup of water to drink and by so doing someone is relieved.

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In all, showing love this day should be out of a good motive and should especially be done in a bid to make the other person experience life better and also have a better life.

One continuously noticed factor attached to the memorial of today is simply the humanitarian art of giving. Love shown makes the heart eased of tension and for this reason, Heal the World Movement is seizing this opportunity to call you all to show love to someone today. Be a partner with Heal the World Movement, read the end note below.

It’s Happy Valentine’s day.

Get to know Heal the World Movement Better

Heal the world movement as a Charity Non-governmental Organization (based on Christian beliefs) has taken it upon herself to put a smile on the faces of the less privileged members of the society who need to be given hope and a reason to live.
Get involved in our charitable courses by being a;

Financial Partner
Here we call for your charitable financial commitment by giving cash towards blessing orphans, the less privileged, widows and indigent children.

Material Partner
To be a material partner, here we call for your non-perishable foodstuff, clothing materials, appliances etc to the needy.

Volunteer Partner
Our volunteer partners are basically needed to participate in our mission moves and activities. They are also invited to take part in our monthly programs and be of assistance to us where needed.

We will be glad to receive your inquiries via our phone lines: 08076063258, 08060926336 or email,

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