Transition into 2022: Finding my place in a new year

 Transition into 2022: Finding my place in a new year

I woke up this morning with a newsletter from my bank that the bank is transitioning from the London Interbank Offered Rate LIBOR, (the benchmark interest rate at which major global banks transact) to another interest rate.

After reading that piece of information from my bank, I began to wonder how long this rate has been in use, why it needs to be changed now and how much regulators have benefited from it. However, the thought that nothing remains the same stayed with me while trying to understand and at the same time how much stakeholders will adjust to this new change.

The LIBOR case study here mirrors to us that transition doesn’t just come with the change in plan (as it has been known for), movement of persons, goods, phases or chapters; it also comes with renovation and reconstruction, adjustment, alteration and several other important factors that makes a needed change in operations effective. Today we are seeing the fifth day in the new year 2022 and it is just another reason for you to adjust your thoughts, plans and brace up for the challenges that lie ahead.

If we are to go with a basic definition of the word transition then it is the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. With this definition we see the use of the word ‘change’ and if anything will change, it will indeed go through a metamorphosis stage such that alters what was before into what should be. This then makes correct the fact that each transition comes with a call for adjustment into a new normal or better still an adjustment to enjoy the better. 

The year 2022 just like every other year has come to us smiling with opportunities but it then takes one with a resolved mind to be successful, in order to find his place in the new year. Finding your place in the new year is similar to understanding what you have been wired to do and doing it well. It means that you need to position yourself adequately well in your industry through learning, contribution, networking or better still looking out for opportunities. All these elements of positioning do one major thing; they cause you to meet with people such as key decision makers or influencers in your industry that can make things move for you.

One element of transitioning you don’t want to let go in 2022 is growth. We don’t really make a significant transition until we have decided to grow. When you grow transitioning wouldn’t be an issue of concern for you since you know too well that staying on a spot means not making progress, but when you know and you keep adding up to your existing knowledge changing position or better still transitioning wouldn’t be an issue.

How to find your place in a new year

1. Donate Talent, money and time

One habit to cultivate on your way to finding your place in the new year is donating your resources towards any course that interests you. These resources could be your valuable time, money and talent. In the process of doing this, you find yourself and at the same time find your suitable place.

2. Surround Yourself With Positive People

By now it shouldn’t surprise you to know that the ladder to your next level are the people you surround yourself with. This then tells you that having the positive ones will help give your life a good direction. The truth today is that we can do less without good people in our life. So in this new year you should be intentional about surrounding yourself with not just anyone but positive people.

3. Explore Your Interests

It’s been said over time that one of the ways to find oneself is exploring what interest us. Giving time to checking your hobbies, what you like most and what you can do over and over again without charging for it could be a pointer to finding relevance in a career, industry or a place of fulfillment.

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4. Learning

We don’t find our place until we are ready to learn more about our place. Even when you think you are already in your place, learning exposes you to many other things you are yet to know. These days it comes through both formal and informal learning, but whichever you choose to go with you can be sure to get impacted.

5. Observations 

By paying attention and studying the process to how things are done we get more acquainted with a course and when we push further what seems dominant in you begins to find expression.

6. Volunteer

Over and over again we all have seen how volunteering has brought out the best in the people we see leading world acclaimed projects today. Having exercised your skill on a project you were never paid for, you get to see how far your skill can deliver and a continuous use of such skill shows you the pathway to the place you ought to be.

7. Networking

How quickly you want to get to your place in life, career or business is a function of your  network of associates in whatever endeavor you have chosen for yourself. I can’t explain this better.

A lot of time we look for what it is not missing. Most often the solution to our biggest challenge in life lies around us and importantly in the mouth of someone that knows who we need to meet. So don’t hesitate in looking out for people who love to hear from you. Speak with a brother, a friend or a colleague, you might just be surprised how much the response you get will position you for your expected life outcome. Being in isolation never gets any problem solved but speaking up does.

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