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Valentine’s day: Moment to touch lives, show love

February 14th is known worldwide to be that time of the year when lovers and friends touch the life of others via the show of love and gift exchange. It is Valentine ’s Day, a day renown for a good friend’s gesture of saving relationships from falling apart. But the thought of how to show the […]Read More

MD of Toyota Nigeria joins Heal the World Movement in

Last weekend for us at the movement played host to a great moment as we were joined in our annual hospital visitation this year by the Managing Director of Toyota Nigeria, Mr Kunle Ade-Ojo. In accordance with the movement annual activities, hospital visitation is that event that caters for the immediate discharge of patients within […]Read More

What can I give towards your Charitable causes?

This has been a recurring question which never stops getting to us each time we are privileged to be in contact with people whose heart is melt towards giving to the needy in our society. Giving to our charitable courses actually knows no bound provided the items and substance to be given are in good […]Read More