Social media Wednesday: Head girl drives teacher to tears

 Social media Wednesday: Head girl drives teacher to tears

Josephine Obaknure is one of those few Nigerians and an outstanding student any teacher won’t want to leave so soon.

Josephine Obakanure during our interview
Josephine Obakanure during our interview

Her brilliance and exceptional trait to studies got our attention and there we were to get her remarkable story aired to our over 10,000+ followers.

During our visit to the school (Aderesh Montessori International School) we gathered that Josephine has helped her school win quite a good number of awards, prevailed over several competitions and now she is writing her West African Examination (WAEC) which was one reason her teacher as shown in the picture cannot help it but shed tears during our interview with her.

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Her teacher, Mrs. Ishola In her discussion with us said Josephine is her ‘baby’ and one of the best students in the school. Apart from the fact that she is the head girl, Mrs. Ishola added that she has been excellent in her academics and has always been detailed in her academic pursuit.

“Josephine is very loving and we will miss her a lot”. She spoke in between tears while speaking to us.

Mrs Ishola with Josephine, shedding tears while speaking to us
Mrs Ishola with Josephine, shedding tears while speaking to us

Her teacher wasn’t just the only one that testified to her brilliance to us, her friends and the school’s head boy gave their remark as well, testifying to how awesome she has been so far in school.

To crown it all, Obakanure, the head girl of Aderesh,  is one of those pupils on the sponsorship of Heal the World Movement scholarship scheme.

Her story is one of those awesome ones we got today. Even though this is coming late, we deem it fit in a bid to live up to our promise.

Let’s meet next Wednesday for another edition of our Social media day. But until then, keep touching lives and doing remarkable things worthy of the world applause.

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