Positioning for a profitable Post COVID19 future

 Positioning for a profitable Post COVID19 future

Positioning for a profitable Post COVID19 future

Maximizing this present moment for a profitable post COVID19 experience is not another inspirational title carved out to make you smile or giggle at the screen but a call for you to maximize the moment while it last.

A lot of young and maybe old people today seem to have remain bored and overwhelmed by the experiences of things around, following the adverse effect of the present global pandemic on life generally. This stems from the feelings of times spent at home, waiting for the next course of action coupled with the fact that everyday activities seem to be the same and going in the same order like that daily.

The recent reality is that the effect of COVID19 calls for us all to reposition ourselves and our life for the new normal which has come to stay. Many of us would never have thought schools, churches, banks and in short life could be brought to a total standstill but unfortunately that is what we got as a result of our nations strive to curb its effect. As a matter of fact, for nations whose healthcare system is in total shambles, it is a tougher experience to coup with. Even with the developed nations with almost excellent healthcare system, the absence of vaccine to treat this novel virus seems to be a thorn in the flesh.

On the contrary, the COVID19 pandemic which has brought nations of the world to a state of indefinite lockdown seem to have given an ample time to many people to do a lot of things they had wanted to do, (I mean age-long longings) leaving us all to maximize the moment if we choose to. One thing to notice in a time as this is the fact that the Work From Home (WFH) mantra has taken up the whole world and everyone is coming up with amazing creativity to bring to light, great ideas which initially was struggling or was never before considered.

For the family folks; husbands, wife, parent generally and children, it has been a moment unveiling itself with various surprises. Many couples are seeing some day to day behavior of their spouses they had never seen before and this has left a lot to wonder. This period particularly has given also the fathers the privilege to bond more with their children and then the results of it goes on and on and on.

As much as companies are laying off staffs, many more are recruiting creative hands to manage their businesses. Big giant such as Google, Amazon and Apple have made calls for openings in their firms just some weeks ago. Digital skills seem to be in great demand and more internet based vacancies are opening for people to fill up as the days unfold. As a matter of fact companies, I mean older companies that have been in existence for more than a decade now can categorically pinpoint loopholes in their operation as a result of this lockdown. If you don’t know, this lockdown seem to have also exposed a lot of inadequacies in the government of the world, the corporate world and industry and now the failure to plan or foresee into a reality as this seem to be haunting everyone. An example of this is seen in our poor healthcare system, absence of job security, workplace myopic response to working from home and lots more.

This then leave us with the fact that we can’t run anywhere else (at least we have seen this in recent weeks following the shutdown of aircrafts from flying) order than facing our problems head on, adjusting to our new normal and as well preparing for the days ahead of us.
So how do you do this?

  1. Run a scrutiny check on the loophole suffered in this period of lockdown on your business
  2. Think flexible work culture
  3. Prepare and fine tune your CV/resume for your preferred industry (because surely some people have been laid off already without knowing)
  4. Go acquire at least a digital skill (it is very evident now how much this is treasured in any industry you can name)
  5. Build more positive relationships this time (some jobs will never come by your CV. How good is your interpersonal relationships)
  6. Settle with the fact that business can never be as usual again.
  7. Be resolute to work better.

Above all, the truth today is that those who add value to any organization on earth are hardly laid off except in extreme cases. So even as we seem to be coasting to the end of this pandemic, as a result of the several vaccine discoveries (or undergoing trials) I charge that you sustain your commitment to be better at whatever you do. Be positioned to get the best of the Post COVID19 season and excel in all you do.

©Odunayo Ajani 2020 for HTWM News desk.

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