Our Hospital visitation and what it means to us

 Our Hospital visitation and what it means to us


The balm in Gilead wasn’t just mentioned in the scriptures as an ointment for healing which cannot be felt or touched, but we have it and have come to know it’s importance in the care and use of humanity.

At Heal the world movement our love for humanity is far beyond just paying school fees and catering for the needs of the less privileged, but it has come to the level of bringing healing to the sick members of the society.

President of Heal the World Movement, Dr. Tola Olukilede Praying for the sick at Gbagada General Hospital

Part of our mission to the world is to bring healing to as many as we can visit via our hospital visitation and missions to the sick, because it is a way to tell our God that we cannot be sick and also a way to request long life from Him who has got it in His storehouse.

We apply our balm in such a way that sick fellows get to enjoy our cash gift which offset their medical bills as well as outstretched hands of prayer which delivers them from all the afflictions that beset them.

Answering to the question in Jeremiah 8:22 therefore, we are a Non-Governmental Christian organization with a distinguished mission to bring healing to our sick world via the healing power of Jesus which delivers and makes whole. We are committed to this course and it is our sheer desire to likewise touch lives with the physical healing which has been part of our moves since inception.



Get to know Heal the World Movement Better

Heal the world movement as a Charity Non-governmental Organization (based on Christian beliefs) has taken it upon herself to put a smile on the faces of the less privileged members of the society who need to be given hope and a reason to live.

Get involved in our charitable courses by being a;

Financial Partner

Here we call for your charitable financial commitment by giving cash towards blessing orphans, the less privileged, widows and indigent children.


Material Partner

To be a material partner, here we call for your non-perishable foodstuff, clothing materials, appliances etc to the needy.


Volunteer Partner

Our volunteer partners are basically needed to participate in our mission moves and activities. They are also invited to take part in our monthly programs and be of assistance to us where needed.


We will be glad to receive your inquiries via our phone lines: 08076063258, 08060926336 or email, info@healtheworldmovementng.com

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  • God bless Heal the world movement. Great works to mankind!!!

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