Orphanage, homes gather at Heal the World Secretariat to mark 2018 Home Day

 Orphanage, homes gather at Heal the World Secretariat to mark 2018 Home Day

– HTWM Home Day 2018: Beneficiary extends appreciation amid expression of concerns

Heal the world movement with the support of her Board of Trustees played host to several homes and orphanages under her care yesterday in a short reception leading to the extension of appreciation and concerns at the movement secretariat in Ota, Ogun state.

The event which tends to be a shift from the norm played host to several orphanage homes and schools with few students under the movement’s scholarship scheme. Homes visit before now has always been a situation whereby the Movement sends her delegation to orphanage homes and this often happens alongside the presentation of day-to-day necessities and food items but the shift this year resulted in the movement, hosting the homes.

Some of the homes present at this year’s Home day are Anthonietta Farani home, Home of God’s Grace, Galilee Foundation, Christlight schools, Life builders schools.

Speaking during the short reception, Mrs Wumi Olukilede, the Director for Finance and Human Capital Development said she is so glad that the orphanage homes are doing well with the news that some of the students are excelling in their academics. Mrs. Olukilede as well said the reason for this call to an event as this is not just to see the beautiful faces of the officers representing the homes but, to also know how the beneficiaries are faring and also hear their challenges respectively.

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While speaking Mrs. Olukilede who also doubles as the GMD of Livingproof group added that the movement is

Mrs Wumi Olukilede speaking to homes during the short reception

Also at the short reception, the Director of Welfare for the movement, Pastor Banji Bali said.

‘The movement is solely committed to the academic excellence of all her beneficiary whose performance is at 60% or those that have scaled it’.

‘So performance below 60% is not allowed’. In other words, he called on the homes to encourage academic excellence in the children in their care

In the course of the short reception, the floor was opened for discussion and issues of concerns from the homes and orphanages were raised, while the meeting lasted.

While other homes extended their observations and appreciation, Galilee foundation did as well and also forwarded their concern in the administration of care for their children.

Galilee foundation in Ibadan, Oyo state noted that some of their children picked from the streets that don’t seem to be coping with academics wants to learn a trade instead. They are hereby calling on the movement to cater for them as well in the area of skill acquisition.

L-R Officials from Anthonietta Farani, Mrs. Wumi Olukilede and Pst Banji Bali of both members of Heal the World Movement BOT

In response to this, the movement responded that it will look into this in a bid to actualize it for these set of students.

Prior to the end of the short reception, Mrs. Olukilede enjoined the homes to pray for the movement that they do better than they have done in recent time, pleading also with the invited homes not be displeased with the difference in the food package given to their counterparts but that, this is due to their organizational structure and the pressing need for them to have it.

You will recall that we published a story of our visit to the Agency for the aged recently. This and other field events are the movement’s preplanned activities preceding her annual International Convention.

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