Navigating the future with required skill set

 Navigating the future with required skill set

The world today has presented us with a lot of benefits and opportunities to become whatever we want to become. What this is saying in essence is that we have all we need at our disposal provided we navigate through life with the consciousness of getting developed and be armed with the right knowledge needed for the future.

Over the years, the threat of new and emerging knowledge has relegated many from their exalted official positions and forced them out of their comfort zone to seek knowledge wherever knowledge is residing. Funny right? Well, that seems to be the present ongoing.

Often time many have equated formal knowledge with needed industry skills, though that could be a bit correct but I can tell you it is far from what is presently obtainable today. Navigating your way into your future demands that you meet up with the present-day demand in the workplace in order to help your organization and ultimately your world come to the fulfillment of its prioritized desire.

In a recent article published by Guardian newspaper, credence was laid on the fact that a great number of Nigerian graduates are turning in the way of skill acquisition, having found out that their different degrees do not automatically guarantee job placements. This as said in a previous article published on our sister organization’s blog has summed up the thoughts of many who feels going to school to learn certain profession is the ultimate thing there is to being profitably employed. Sometimes last year the apex bank, The World Bank feels the same way and said that the reason for not getting quality jobs in middle-income countries (which Nigeria belongs) is due to lack of basic skills.

The beautiful thing today is that the future being spoken about is not far from here but is now. Everyone could testify to the unprecedented rate at which several industries worked three months ago and the paradigm shift we saw in businesses. Today, corporate bodies want to hire individuals with skills relevant to our changing world.

So the truth today is, whatever skill you already have, step it a pace higher to take the lead in your industry. As much as this does not place you under pressure, it connotes that you simply subscribe to personal development and training that help you arm yourself with needed skill set that will be in great demand in your industry.

Today many individuals are learning fast data sciences, digital skills, artificial intelligence, product designing, digital marketing and also the art of persuasive communication of products and services to the world. Be that as it may, one of the most important skills anyone can learn is how to effectively communicate whatever they create in a way that will persuade people to buy their products or services.

You have resources to leverage on, online. So take your seat and get equipped.

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