Heal the World Movement shortlists over a score beneficiaries for Scholarship

 Heal the World Movement shortlists over a score beneficiaries for Scholarship

Heal the world Movement through her department for Welfare and Scholarship has shortlisted at least 25 prospective beneficiaries for scholarship ahead of the incoming academic session.

The shortlist process which is often preceded by stages of interactions before final vetting and award took place Wednesday the 7th of July 2022. 

According to the known practice, prospective beneficiaries are presented before the Welfare and Scholarship panelists who then interview them to ascertain certain facts about their economic status, and welfare needs.

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Following the interactions at the interview with the Scholarship Director, Pastor Funmilayo Kolawole, alongside other officers on the panel, at least, a total of seventeen [17] beneficiaries whose welfare case meets the initial criteria for selection has been considered to move onto the next stage of selection for the scholarship. 

Although according to information gathered at this time, twenty-five [25] scholarship-seeking beneficiaries were invited for this interview.

Speaking to Heal the World Newsdesk, the Movement Scholarship, and Welfare officer, Mr. Aduragbemi Sodehinde said; 

“The interview session started at about 9:30 am and the turnout was quite commendable having invited 25 interviewees but 17 showed up. Generally, I will say, it was a success for each person that was interviewed yesterday we did so on certain criteria; the first being the economic status of the beneficiary seeking interviewee, their ‘privileged status’ [fatherless, motherless, widow, widower] amongst many other criteria. 

“Based on their ability to meet the criteria mentioned above, we were able to move at least Seventeen applicants to the next phase of our selection process. Although we hope to interview the absent interviewees for the second round of interviews just before the end of this academic session and we do hope they will turn up”.

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For the purpose of clarity, the interview process is categorized into three phases which are

  1. The interview phase
  2. Approval phase
  3. Award phase.

These phases ensure that prospective beneficiaries are fairly treated all through the process leading to the award of the scholarship.

It is noteworthy to state that the Movement has been awarding scholarships since the year 1999. Ever since the year [1999] over one thousand beneficiaries have been impacted by the School-life Scholarship initiative of Heal the World Movement which has been made possible by friends of the President, Dr. Tola Olukilede, and partners of our dear organization. 

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