Heal the World Movement set to embark on Hospital Visitation

 Heal the World Movement set to embark on Hospital Visitation

Heal the World Movement is set to embark on another humanitarian visitation to hospitals and orphanages just as it has done in recent time.

Annually in the month of November, Heal the world Movement will take her goodwill to the society through charitable giving to orphanages and offsetting hospital bills of indigent patient with a budgeted amount set aside every year.

The visit to orphanages which has taken a new dimension has now evolved into a special ‘home day’ celebration where orphanage homes are hosted in the movement’s secretariat and given provisions and other daily necessities ranging from foods, cloths to toiletries.

Some foodstuff and toiletries delivered to Antonieta Ferani home
Some foodstuff and toiletries delivered to Antonieta Ferani home

The 2018 edition will not be an exception as all forces and energies are underway to bring the goodwill of the movement to the society and especially to indigent people who will be in need of our humanitarian assistance as we have done over the years

Pastor Omotoun, a member of Heal the World Movement Board of Trustees (B.O.T) and the officer in charge of Hospital visitation noted during a chat with Heal the World Newsdesk on Saturday that the list for the proposed hospitals to be visited has been submitted to the leadership of the movement and is presently undergoing scrutiny for final approval.

As the tradition has always been, the President and some members of the Movement’s BOT will join on the “train” to visit hospitals where less privileged patients get prayed for and relieved from their outstanding medical bills.

You can also be part of this cause by joining us for the moves and supporting with your finance. Stay logged on here for further details as it will be later communicated.

Get to know Heal the World Movement Better

Heal the world movement as a Charity Non-governmental Organization (based on Christian beliefs) has taken it upon herself to put a smile on the faces of the less privileged members of the society who need to be given hope and a reason to live.

Get involved in our charitable courses by being a;

Financial Partner

Here we call for your charitable financial commitment by giving cash towards blessing orphans, the less privileged, widows and indigent children.

Material Partner

To be a material partner, here we call for your non-perishable foodstuff, clothing materials, appliances etc to the needy.

Volunteer Partner

Our volunteer partners are basically needed to participate in our mission moves and activities. They are also invited to take part in our monthly programs and be of assistance to us where needed.

We will be glad to receive your inquiries via our phone lines: 08076063258, 08060926336 or email, info@healtheworldmovementng.com

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