Heal the World Movement Screens over 150 eyes today

 Heal the World Movement Screens over 150 eyes today

Optometrist screening the eyes of participants

Heal the World Movement through the Women of Grace and Virtue international screened over 150 eyes today during her annual conference.

The eye screening which is part of the organization’s measure to ensure healthy eyes for women and congregants present gave rise to a good turnout and a massive response from the people. Today being the kickoff of WOGVI’s annual conference with this year theme, Facing the Giant will run from today, Thursday through Saturday.

Apart from the eye screening which gathered for itself a lot of attention, many participants of this free health workshop also enjoyed free blood pressure check.

Speaking to Heal the World News Desk, Mrs Joke Olufade, a member of WOGVI Executive said.

“The turnout was very encouraging and today’s topic was really enjoyed by the people present. To a large extent, people were patient enough to listen to the doctor”.

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In another reaction, Mrs Funmi Dairo a Microbiologist and public health officer said a lot of people have been hypertensive for a while now and never knew they are.

“Starting with the Blood pressure test, a lot of people were pre-hypertensive. As a matter of fact, 40% of the people tested were pre-hypertensive and are not aware of it, and hypertension just as we know, can do a lot of damages to the body. It can lead to stroke or even lead to untimely death of such individual. By the help of the Holy Spirit, we were also able to arrest few cases of Glaucoma”.

Optometrist screening the eyes of participants
Optometrist screening the eyes of participants
Vision test
Vision test
Ongoing Blood Pressure screening
Ongoing Blood Pressure check exercise

In a similar reaction, the convener of the Women of Grace and Virtue International, Pastor Wumi Olukilede said the outcome of the first day of the conference was awesome. In her remark she gave credence to the importance of the theme of the sensitization session on optical health as well as the more reason mothers or better still, parents need to be careful when meting corporal punishment on their children.

Taking a cue from the Conference theme she added that if anyone will face the giant, such individual must have a good sight such that will see a giant from afar of. Relating with one of the warning given by the facilitator, Dr. Charles Muoneke, an optometrist from Dubai, she said.

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“Slapping your children or anyone on the head or on their eyes just as the facilitator said can cause serious damage to their sight as well as flogging them on the head. She further stated that even when children must be disciplined it must not be randomly as this will pose negative sight problem for such child in the future.

“If you must then see the giant from afar of, then you must be able to manage your sight very well.  

The conference will continue tomorrow (Friday) through Saturday with lots of engaging ministrations from the convener, Pastor Wumi Olukilede and many other anointed ministers of the gospel.

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