Heal the World Movement remembers aged, senior citizens in Lagos

 Heal the World Movement remembers aged, senior citizens in Lagos

It was an amazing moment yesterday in Abesan area of Lagos as Heal the world Movement visited some senior citizens of the society (at Agency for the aged) to extend her charitable gestures through foodstuff delivery to them.

The visit which is one of the Movement’s numerous ways of extending her charitable act to the society and this November edition took place as well as an activity to commemorate the movement’s annual convention.

Representing the movement and the Board of Trustees in general, Pastor Damilola Bankole began with a welcome introduction of the team present and proceeded to appreciate some happy looking aged fellows who also reciprocated Pastor Bankole’s pleasantries extended to them.

Pastor Bankole speaking to members of the Agency

While speaking to these senior citizens of the society, Bankole said the leadership is so elated to have had a longtime relationship with the agency and will love to keep doing the best it can in being a blessing to these aged fellows of the society.

In his word.

“The leadership greatly appreciates the longtime relationship between the movement and the agency”.

“We are here to express the love of the leadership towards every member of the agency by bringing these food items to be a blessing to all”.

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While receiving the movement’s warm welcome, the president of the agency (Agency for the aged, Family Ark Mission), Mr Okusanya who also doubles as the son of the late founder (Late Major Mrs Olubunmi Idowu- Okusanya), said he is very happy that an organization like Heal the World Movement deemed it fit to remember the senior citizens of the society despite the neglect of the government in making provision for the aged.

“Always keep these ones (the aged) in mind because the government doesn’t have anything in place for them at all. They may have for children, women, widow, and youth but for elderly and from my research from 2014 till now, I have not seen anything”.

Mr Okusanya speaking

While summating his long but informative speech, Okusanya said we still have to think of what to do concerning them.

“It is the seed you sow now that you will reap in the future”.

At the end of the short reception, members and executives of the agency had a group photograph with the movement members of staff after which some food items were been presented to them.

Members of Family Ark Mission Heal the World Movement member of staff in a group Photograph

Get to know Heal the World Movement Better

Heal the world movement as a Charity Non-governmental Organization (based on Christian beliefs) has taken it upon herself to put a smile on the faces of the less privileged members of the society who need to be given hope and a reason to live.

Get involved in our charitable courses by being a;

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