Heal the World Movement empowers over 50 indigent youths

 Heal the World Movement empowers over 50 indigent youths

Students learning how to cut fabric during tailoring session

Heal the world movement through World Changers Movement in a two days skill acquisition scheme, has empowered over 50 indigent youths in Ijoko area of Ogun state with economic skills in a bid to make ends meet and better the community.

The skill acquisition scheme which is part of the movement’s new direction of impacting the community has left dimples of joy on the faces of over 50 youths in Ifekowajo community, in Ijoko, Ota local government area of Ogun state.

Speaking on this development, the national project coordinator of World Changers movement, Mrs. Mojisola Bello said.

‘The skill acquisition program for the youths at Ifekowajo community of Ijoko was a great success. The youths were very excited about the initiative and participated fully in it.

Speaking of the impact the program has created and the ripple effect generated as a result of the skill acquisition scheme, she added that.

‘Up until now, calls have been coming in from them requesting for an extension of the program. As it were I will say the impact was well appreciated by even, the elders of the community given the fact that, they have been longing for something like this, so as to get the youths productively engaged’.

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Also speaking in consonance to the outcome of the skill acquisition scheme, an executive of World Changers Movement, Emmanuel Adekanmbi noted that the scheme kick-started with a mobilization and Orientation talk on how youths in the community can maximize the skill they were about to be empowered with.

In Adekanmbi’s words.

‘The attendance was highly impressive in Ifekowajo community. So many of these youths have learned skills but no empowerment, some are yet to be empowered and these ones took this opportunity to be skilled, while few are still interested in education and yet to be skilled.

The empowerment scheme empowered participants with skills in leather works, Computer appreciation, and Graphics design and Photography. Apart from the skill acquisition scheme, participant of this two days program was also able to learn to be patient, consistent, network and be able to multitask on projects.

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