Heal the World empowers Over 40 during empowerment program

 Heal the World empowers Over 40 during empowerment program

Over 40 people have benefitted from the five days self-employed empowerment program held by Heal the World Movement last week at the Movement Secretariat.

The program which started Monday, 11th of July began with a class on the processes of making pastries, with attention to making chin-chin and eggroll. This class which was quite educating helped participants to understand both the commercial and the homemade variant of each of the snacks made. According to the facilitator, Chef SND, the type of snack you want to eat is determined by how much you are willing to pay. 

Chef SND giving an introduction into his baking class
Chef SND giving an introduction to his baking class
Attentive participants during the pastries making session
Attentive participants during the pastries-making session

According to him, there is the commercial production of snacks which factors profit during the process of production and there is also the premium production which gives you the same product but with a better taste.

Tuesday of the same week saw the continuation of the first class. On this day, doughnuts, sausage rolls, and puff puffs were made. This day as well as the day before gave participants the privilege to have a hands-on session into what has been taught.

Dough preparation
Dough preparation
Sausage roll freshly arranged on tray.
A tray of Sausage roll, doughnut and puffpuff made by participants
A tray of Sausage roll, doughnut and puffpuff made by participants

On Wednesday, the third day of this skill empowerment the training took a new turn. Participants were taught how to make Wig. This was facilitated by Mrs. Funke Kolawole who explained the different kinds that can be made as well as the different kinds of closure and their importance in wig making. 

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According to Mrs. Funke;

“You don’t need to spend so much to make a wig, with little capital you can sell a wig at a good price that will pay off eventually considering the stress involved in getting a piece done”.

Mrs Funke Kolawole teaching participants how to make wig
Mrs. Funke Kolawole teaches participants how to make a wig
Participants gathered around the facilitator to learn
Participants gathered around the facilitator to learn
Mrs Funke Kolawole showing participants how to apply glue to the tip of a Wig
Mrs. Funke Kolawole showed participants how to apply glue to the tip of a Wig
Fashion and Wig making products on display
Fashion and Wig making products on display

This session of empowerment started on Wednesday and lasted till Thursday. Having gone through the nitty gritty of making weave on and wigs, participants were also encouraged to make themselves a wig. 

This year’s edition of the empowerment seems to be the most impactful one yet considering the turnout as well as the ability to see the encouraged practicality of what was taught by the facilitators. 

As part of Dr. Tola Olukilede, the Movement President’s commitment, he is willing and ready to support anyone ready to trade with the skill he or she has learned in the course of this edition of the empowerment. He made this known to the convener of the empowerment, Mrs. Mimi Idaewor. 

In a similar reaction, Mrs. Idaewor encourages increase participation in the Movement programs and ministry activities to enjoy many privileges of the organizations. She also said that;

Mrs. Mimi Idaewor addressing participants
Mrs. Mimi Idaewor addressing the participants

This edition has been the best so far. The attendance has been very well more than the ones we have ever had and the interest in the training has been good. From all indications, it has been the best. In total, we had about 40 to 50 plus attendance every day. Unlike other ones that we did thirty-something, this one has been more impactful maybe because the publicity was early enough and we did the publicity across different channels.

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Participants of the empowerment were as well delighted to share their experience with the Movement empowerment program.

Ajiboye Rebecca Olawunmi who came to attend this training from Abule Ijoko said;

This empowerment has taught me a lot. Now, I can make chin chin, eggrolls, as well as wigs. I really appreciate our father and mother for this initiative.

Another participant, Awumey Adenike from Cannanland in Ota Ogun state said;

This empowerment has been very impactful on both the youth and adults. I think this training gives us an advantage over others who are yet to go through training like this. 

Part of our commitment as an organization is to heal the world first by trading covenant secrets and then teach the people how to make wealth which is part of our numerous ways of reaching out to our community.

You can also be part of what we do by learning more about how we heal the world. To do that click here now.

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