COVID19 Pandemic has been of great advantage to our organization – Tutu

 COVID19 Pandemic has been of great advantage to our organization – Tutu

Milton Tutu

The ravaging effect of the novel virus has no doubt ‘displaced’ life and businesses worldwide, truncating the traditional way we have so long done things and leaving many to come to terms with an improved and new way of doing life. In this interview today, Hamilton Uzoma Nwaonumah (also known as Milton Tutu), a graduate of Benson Idahosa University and a young owner of a New Media based company explains the change in life and business operation and its effect on industries. He further tells how best to be positioned to engage practically the advantageous potential that might have also come with the season.

Once again, this is Heal the World News Desk. Can we meet you please?

Thank you for having me here. I am Hamilton Uzoma Nwaonumah popularly known as “Milton Tutu”. I am best described as a student of knowledge in the School of Wisdom and Understanding. I believe knowledge is the tool that opens the doors of our destiny while wisdom is the light that guides us to the path of our calling. On the other hand, I am an Author, Trainer and a New Media Consultant who currently works with Profit Square Solutions as her COO. And also, through Profit Square Solutions I am graced to be the founder of Square Academy. A Digital Business School in Africa.

As a businessman how has your enterprise been affected by the COVID19 pandemic?

 It was Napoleon Hill that said in his famous book Think and Grow Rich;

Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit. 

Having said that, the COVID-19 Pandemic has been of great advantage to our organization. With the help of this we have helped more people set up their digital presence and start selling their products online. It is with gratitude that I say this. The pandemic has made a lot of people see the benefit of using social media and digital marketing to empower their business and increase their sales. Our organization is grateful to be at the frontline of this and we see ourselves as essential staff helping more people to create wealth and in turn, improve the quality and growth of the economy.

What opportunities do you think comes with this season? Do you think there is much to glean from?

A lot of businesses will shut down, of course. People will be laid off, people will lose their source of livelihood but there is so much to glean from the chaos. The season will demand the excellent expertise of creatives. People that know how to make organizations make more money and create influence through digital advertising. This season will call for people that can think differently. There has been a revolution on the way and the pandemic was the push that got the child out of the womb. That child is something new. That child is the change. What the world depends on will be different. We are already seeing that happening as the world is paying more attention to the internet and the opportunity it offers. But is the internet the new thing? Is the internet the change? I don’t think so. The internet will be a tool that will lead to the next new thing. The internet will become a platform that will house a lot of platforms especially from the creative industry. Trust me on this! People are building things behind the scenes just because this pandemic happened. In 10 years time we will look back to these trying times and be grateful for the chaos because we will see the beauty it all brought to humanity. The economy will be grateful for it because what the platforms entrepreneurs, business owners, and thought leaders are building behind the scenes will become the source of wealth for the economy of the world. 

How will you say the COVID19 pandemic has affected the creative agency? What is its effect on speculative businesses?

Like I said in the previous question. COVID19 has empowered the creative industry. Go on Instagram and every other social media outlet you’d see new creative content that can make you forget what time it is. People are beginning to think. Just recently John Obidi held the largest virtual personal development training in Africa with over 3,700 active attendees dialed in for 3 days. The Pandemic has had a positive effect on the creative agency.  Probably the next economy will be called “The Creative Economy” because at the end of the day the Government will have to fall back to the creative ideas of business, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to revive the economy.

How best do you think any individual can position for life after this pandemic. 

Get the attention of the market. That is the most important thing right now. There is currently an unseen battle ongoing on social media especially on Instagram. People are fighting for the attention of the market. How can you creatively get the attention of the market, retain it, and monetize it? That should be the question you ask yourself. How can you build a platform for yourself and your business? A community, a tribe that believes in the message of your brand. How can you build something like that? This is how you can position yourself for maximum profitability and influence after the pandemic.

Do you think businesses have changed so far as a result of this pandemic?

Yes of course! Business has changed as a result of the pandemic. Some people are on their way to becoming the world’s first trillionaire and others are waiting for the government to call off the lockdown for things to get back to normal. This is the new normal. You either learn how to grow with the phase or wallow in self-pity. If you want to grow with the phase, good for you but if you chose the path of self-pity, just have it in mind that the world actually doesn’t care. They only pay attention to those that Stand up and Rise! Like Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.” — Charles Darwin,

What set skills do you think entrepreneurs and individuals should arm themselves with, in a time like this?

There are various skills for this season and the future. Skills like artificial intelligence, product designing, digital marketing, etc but the most important skill anyone can learn is how to effectively communicate whatever they create in a way that will persuade people to buy their products or services. You have to learn the skill of sales and marketing. For me I believe that you can be the most skilled person in your industry but if you don’t have the skills of persuasion and how to sell your skill for the money it is worth, then your skills or whatever you create will be as good as useless. Of what good is a product if it’s not sold? You need to learn the art and science of persuasion and instant response marketing. For me that is the most effective skill anyone can learn.

What best can be done differently in the business space now and after the pandemic?

Everything should and can be done differently. Excellence will be demanded. Results and not certificates will be demanded more. The expert industry will see a boom. So businesses should focus solely on excellence and results because that is what will make them stand out in and after the pandemic.

What reality do you think has come on businesses as it is now? 

The only reality that will come on them is the reality that they face right now. So whatever reality businesses are facing be it good or bad, we need to ask ourselves “The WH questions of exponential change.” 

  1. What is my reality?
  2. How can I make it better than the way it is right now?
  3. Who do I need to reach out to the person that will help me make this change?
  4. When will I start making these changes?
  5. Where do I see myself in 10 years time?
  6. What do I need to do now to make my 10 years become a reality?

Think critically on these questions, take action where need be, scale your results with your performance, and your vision. If you do these things, you shall experience a change.

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