10 Tips to Position for opportunities in this new season

 10 Tips to Position for opportunities in this new season

I feel tempted not to say opportunities fall on people like ripe cherries. It actually does fall on people but on folks who have also come to realize that someday a privilege to showcase their creativity (brilliance, gift or talent) will come, which will in turn earn them something great.

Positioning for opportunities in a season as this can be characterized by your ability to remain available to what you think will add to you. This suggests you giving yourself to productive activities and idea generating moment. Umpteen times, ideas and an eventual breakthrough flows in the way of those who have given their time to intentional self-development. It is so true that we cannot practically determine what will happen to us tomorrow (except through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost- The spirit of God) but then we can foresee a desirable future through intentional doings and intentional alignment with thoughts, men and influence.

To come into that great job or opportunity you have been waiting for demands that you look right within you and ask yourself some simple questions;

  1. What do I want to do?
  2. Which, who or what best example can I also imitate to get a desired result?
  3. What impact did their/the community played on their result?
  4. Will it make sense for me to get new skills to get the same result?
  5. What course, tutorial or seminar did they attend?

Opportunity comes with a lot of work but its result becomes enviable by those who are not in the know of its making. Coming into opportunities comes with responsibilities such that should be embraced.

So here are 10 tips to help you position for that opportunity forthcoming your way

  1. Desire the future
  2. Take courses related to your future
  3. Align yourself with people getting result
  4. Learn from industry leaders and influencers
  5. Locate the community (environment, industry) you belong
  6. Hone your skills
  7. Read books
  8. Rewrite your CV/Resume
  9. Build Quality relationships
  10. And be a volunteer.

As simple as it may seem, a lot of people don’t know today that great opportunities comes from you volunteering. I have heard it over time and seen people land great job and deals by first volunteering to be part of a course. People and organization tend to study volunteers and through the process include them into the bigger project. I can’t be mistaking, landing great opportunities comes with you doing any or combination of the above, but remember it first starts with a desire. So

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  • Good, I do I get link since I don’t drink am not social. I studied Finance and Financial institution reject somebody of 40s. My church is not growing, business is not moving. Please recommend books, seminar for me to make change in my life. Thanks

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